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Henry VIII governed Britain better than Gordon Brown

According to Dr. David Starkey an English historian, a television and radio presenter, and a specialist in the Tudor period, Britain was governed more competently under Henry VIII than Gordon Brown.

“I am being serious. We are ruled at the moment more incompetently than we have been ever before. We have to go back to the Heptarchy.”

Dr Starkey said a key part of Tudor politics revolved around rewarding success and punishing failure, which had been lost in the present age, taking a swipe at Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary and former European Commissioner.

He added: “I don’t think that if you have turned out to be a cheat that you should be made a European Commissioner. I think it’s intolerable that people ruining companies have got away with fortunes.

“What example does that set for the young? Henry’s court was brutal and awful but it seems to me that there was a degree of rationality about it.”

Dr. Starkey also goes on to lament the art of “scholarship and knowledge”; something which has been lost as pupils increasingly rely on the internet for facts.

One thought on “Henry VIII governed Britain better than Gordon Brown

  1. I don’t think that Henry VIII could possibly be worse than Gordon Brown! Although I think Henry was a tyrant and was responsible for much bloodshed, if he had ruled like Gordon Brown then someone would have usurped the throne quite easily.

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