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Roman musical instrument recreated

Researchers have learned how to recreate a long-forgotten Roman instrument called the Lituus. Until now, no one had a clear idea of what this instrument looked or sounded like. But researchers at Edinburgh University developed a system that enabled them to design the Lituus from the best guesses of its shape and

The “Kelp Highway” Theory

Anthropologists are hypothesizing that a rich marine route, known as the "kelp highway" may have led humans to settle the Pacific coast of the Americas some 15,000 years ago. "I think as much as anything it was an exploratory urge," he said at an international conference on the history of marine mammals

Mystery surrounds 350 year old skeleton

Builders working on the construction of new homes in Littleton, England, were shocked when they stumbled across a 350 year old skeleton buried in a shallow grave, just a few hundred feet away from a church cemetary. Michael Lupton, a parish councillor and member of Littleton Local History Group, said: “There