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Druggies Stealing Arkansas Artifacts

Archaeologists are having a tough time dealing with looters in Arkansas who are digging up artifacts and selling them on the black market for money to buy drugs.

Morrow says, “We can tell they filled the holes back in. But, left artifacts and human skeletal remains scattered across the whole area.”

However, with laws already on the books in Arkansas, increasing the criminal penalties against desecrating burial grounds for profit, Dr. Morrow when it comes to illicit drug buyers the “unscrupulous” know only monetary boundaries.

Morrow says, “They can bring very high dollar figures upwards of 50-thousand dollars for a single pottery vessel. If it’s the right time period. The right style. There are spear points that can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s what the buyers are willing to pay. This is a market that’s been escalating over the last couple of decades.”

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