Van Gogh didn’t cut off his ear – it was chopped off by Gauguin

Published on May 4th, 2009 | by Admin


A new academic study claims that Vincent Van Gogh did not cut off his own ear, but rather it was lopped off by French painter, Paul Gauguin, in an argument outside a brothel over a woman.

‘To get rid of Van Gogh, who was begging him to stay, Gauguin waved his weapon in the direction of the victim while they were in front of the house of ill repute,’ said Hans Kaufmann of Hamburg University. 

‘The left ear fell. We cannot say if it was deliberate or an accident. In this situation, the protagonists vowed to keep silent. Then Gauguin disappeared, abandoning his friend.

‘The next day, the police questioned him. That’s when he made up the theory about self-mutilation,’ said Mr Kaufmann, who with Rita Wildegans has contributed to a 400-page book on the subject.  

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2 Responses to Van Gogh didn’t cut off his ear – it was chopped off by Gauguin

  1. dick welsh says:

    sounds plausible

  2. Sevaan says:

    I guess it makes more sense than cutting off your ear to prove your love!

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