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Philippines cave contains ancient anthropomorphic pottery

Back in 1991, archaeologists came across a horde of human-shaped pottery dating back to the Metal Age (500 B.C. – 500 A.D.) in the Philippines. Now the Philippine Information Agency recounts the story of their discovery.

Dr. Eusebio Dizon, museum curator 1 of the Archaeology Division of the National Museum, said a paper presented at the 14th National Conference on Local and National History in 1993 that the Ayub Artifacts were “made of earthenware potteries designed and formed like human figures with complete facial expressions.”

The potteries “were used as covers for secondary and/or multiple burial jars and can be associated to the Metal Age in the Philippines, circa 500BC to AD 500,” Dizon said. “These artifacts may have been our material evidence of the backbone of the Maguindanao prehistory and of the course, the Filipino people in general.”

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  1. hi was this the resemblance of rusun and namban jars during the early trade of philippines and japan?

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