Cave Painting Depicts Extinct Marsupial Lion

Published on May 11th, 2009 | by Admin


A newly discovered cave painting in northwestern Australia offers a glimpse of what an extinct marsupial lion, the thylacoleo carnifex, looked like.

It shows the requisite catlike muzzle, large forelimbs, and heavily clawed front paws. And it portrays the animal with a striped back, a tufted tail, and pointed ears.

Those last three features aren’t preserved in skeletons, but Aborigines would have known them well. Australia’s first people landed on the continent at least 40,000 years ago and were contemporaries of the big predator.

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2 Responses to Cave Painting Depicts Extinct Marsupial Lion

  1. caminodiablo says:

    It is a neat thing that we can see what an animal looked like from paintings and drawings. Gives you a whole new idea of what they where like.

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