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King’s grave uncovered during construction in Turkey

The final resting place of a historic king was accidentally uncovered in Turkey when a digger struck a rock that was part of the grave.

The landlord of the building next to the excavated area, ?lker Y?ld?z, said they saw an empty space inside the rock, which contained ancient pieces. “After we saw the pieces we understood that the area being dug contained historic pieces and we called the gendarmerie. They stood on guard for a day until the ?zmir Museum Directorship’s officers and experts arrived,” Y?ld?z said. He also said they collected the unearthed pieces but that the grave was still there because part of the land containing the grave was under a building and if they were to dig more the building could collapse. 

The area is now protected with wires and the uncovered pieces are being cleaned and will be studied to discover the king’s identity.

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