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Pirate bones may be in box in North Carolina

The remains of one of Blackbeard’s pirate Crew may currently be stored in a box in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kevin P. Duffus, a writer and filmmaker, says he needs access to the estate of Edward Salter, a landowner and merchant who died in 1735, to help confirm that the state has Salter’s remains. With the backing of some of Salter’s descendants, Duffus is seeking to have DNA testing done on bones that the state Office of State Archaeology recovered from a gravesite in Bath 23 years ago.

If the bones are Salter’s, not only could they be given a proper burial, Duffus says, but they could help prove that at least one of Blackbeard’s pirates was not executed in Williamsburg, Va., as popular history says. Duffus contends that Salter was a barrel maker who was forced to join the pirate’s crew after being hijacked aboard a ship.

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