The world’s first camera goes on display

Published on May 24th, 2009 | by Admin


The world’s first camera has gone on public display at an exhibition in Macao.

The world’s first camera, a sliding wooden box, along with over 20 cameras of early times were borrowed from the Nicephore Niepce Museum. As for photos, some of Macao’s earliest photos, such as “A- Ma Temple, Macao” ,”Praia Grande”, and other landscape shootings on daguerreotype, were on display in the exhibition.

It was until 1827 did Frenchman Joseph Nicphore Nipce successfully fixed image on a metal plate for the first time in human history, making himself the “father of photography”. Photography was later introduced to China from France via Macao, as the earliest photos of China presently found were taken in Macao in 1844 by Jules Itier from France, according to the information from the organizer of the exhibition.

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