Previously unseen WWI photographs of British soldiers

Published on May 25th, 2009 | by Admin


A treasure trove of WWI photographs was discovered recently in France, showing British soldiers on their way to the Somme, and most likely on their way to their deaths.

A local French photographer, almost certainly an amateur, possibly a farmer, has offered to take pictures for a few francs. Soldiers have queued to have a photograph taken to send back to their anxious but proud families in Britain or Australia or New Zealand.

Sometimes, the Tommies are snapped individually in front of the same battered door or in a pear and apple orchard. Sometimes they are photographed on horseback or in groups of comrades. A pretty six-year-old girl – the photographer’s daughter? – occasionally stands with the soldiers or sits on their knees: a reminder of their families, of human tenderness and of a time when there was no war.

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2 Responses to Previously unseen WWI photographs of British soldiers

  1. Joisan says:

    Where are the photos now? Where can they all be seen? Have they all been published somewhere?

  2. You can view all the photographs (286 of them) by clicking here.

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