Human remains from Acheulian period found in Morocco

Published on May 26th, 2009 | by Admin


Archaeologists in Morocco have discovered the rear part of a human mandible that dates back to the prehistoric Acheulian phase.

The mandible, which belongs to a young human, holds a premolar and a molar, the report said.The fossil was uncovered on May 14 in the Thomas I quarry site in Casablanca, along with stone tools “that characterize the Acheulian civilization” and remnants of gazelles, antelopes, warthogs, bears, monkeys, said the report.

A French-Moroccan team last year, uncovered a complete mandible of Homo erectus at the Thomas I quarry. The mandible was found in a layer below one where the team had previously found four human teeth (three premolars and one incisor) from Homo erectus, one of which was dated to 500,000 B.C.

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