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Who is buried at Sutton Hoo?

Seventy years after the discovery of a burial mount overlooking the River Deben in Suffolk, England, the debate still rages over who is buried at Sutton Hoo.

For many there is no doubt that the ship burial at Sutton Hoo is that of a king – certainly the rich treasures found in the burial chamber lend weight to this argument – but aggravatingly there is no name inscribed on any piece of jewellery, armour or drinking horn to settle the matter beyond any doubt.

As result there has thrown up an endless debate about the identity of the person buried in such splendour.

National Trust archaeologist Angus Wainwright says that carbon dating tests and examination of the artefacts puts the Sutton Hoo finds firmly at the start of the seventh century – unfortunately there is a 40 year margin of error and a number of kings which could fill the slot.

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