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Bronze Age paddle found during fossil hunt

A piece of wood found during a fossil hunt workshop in England is believed to be a Bronze Age paddle. The artefact, thought to be 3,000 years old, was found during the annual fossil hunt organised by Wildwood wildlife conservation park near Canterbury. An "eagle-eyed individual" spotted the wood sticking out of

Red Cross marks 150th battle anniversary

The Red Cross is marking the 150th anniversary of the battle which inspired its inception by Henri Dunant. "Austrians and Allies trampling each other under foot, killing one another on piles of bleeding corpses, felling their enemies with their rifle butts, crushing skulls, ripping bellies open with sabre and bayonet. No

Medieval Scots fought ‘in bright yellow war shirts not Braveheart kilts’

Medieval Scottish soldiers fought wearing bright yellow war shirts, dyed by horse urine. Instead of kilts, he said they wore saffron-coloured tunics called "leine croich" and used a range of ingredients to get the boldest possible colours. "What the Scottish soldiers wore in the country's greatest battles is an area that, up