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Earliest evidence of ceramics found in China

Pottery fragments found in a cave in southern China may be evidence of the earliest development of ceramics, possibly dating back to 18,000 years ago.

The find in Yuchanyan Cave dates to as much as 18,000 years ago, researchers report in Tuesday’s edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The find ‘supports the proposal made in the past that pottery making by foragers began in south China,’ according to the researchers, led by Elisabetta Boaretto of Bar Ilan University in Israel.

The pottery found at Yuchanyan ‘is the earliest so far,’ Ms Boaretto said.

One thought on “Earliest evidence of ceramics found in China

  1. The earliest known ceramics, along with the kiln, were found in Dolni Vestonice, in the Czech Republic. People like to leave this out, I don’t know why, and give all the credit to Asia. I saw an article in which the archaeologist claimed that the earliest ‘pottery’ was found in Asia, because the ceramics in Dolni Vestonice were not actually pots…they were small animal and human figures (which archaeologist unfailingly categorize as ‘dieties’…for drama, I guess). This guy is ignoring them altogether.

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