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The oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere

The editor of National Geographic magazine has posted a blog entry discussing the cautious excitement surrounding the mammoth etching announce last month, which, if genuine, could be the oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere.

Let’s hope, hope, hope it is true—mammoth art in North America just like what they have in Europe. Now that is something I never thought I’d see. It is as if someone found American Indian arrowheads on the banks of the Seine.

A local newspaper in Vero Beach, Florida, Vero Beach 32963, has announced what will be among the most significant discoveries of prehistoric art in the New World, if it holds up. See the National Geographic news article and the Vero Beach 32963 report  for more information. The find, which is an engraved bone with what looks like a mammoth on it, is of major significance because there is simply nothing like it in the New World. Many such engravings, however, are known from European paleolithic art, which began around 35,000 years ago and continued until the end of the paleolithic around 10,000 years ago.

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