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Unexploded WWII bombs uncovered in Oklahoma

Twenty unexploded WWII-era bombs have been unconvered in Oklahoma during the excavation of a natural-gas pipeline.

“During World War II about 60 families were displaced from 10,000 acres here to make room for a training and bombing range,” said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp Wednesday afternoon. “Apparently the work crews here have found ordinance left over from some of those training exercises.”

No one has been hurt and none of the white phosphorous bombs detonated when they were uncovered with a back hoe. The bombs, according to Kemp, were used to mark targets for aircraft. The bombs would explode on contact putting out white smoke. The bombs, about 18 inches long, were badly rusted and although the fuses were still intact, Kemp said the likelihood one would have exploded was very slim.

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