Archaeologists battle mites to save 1,400-year-old city wall

Published on June 15th, 2009 | by Admin


An ancient wall in Xi’an, China, with more than 14 centirues of history, is being eaten away by mites.

Experts were surprised to find it had been the mites undermining the wall at the Hanguang Entrance Remains Museum during their one-year research for further protection.

“The discovery is the world’s first of this kind. The mites had damaged the wall seriously,” said Li Yuhu, archaeologist of Shaanxi Normal University.

The Hanguang Entrance is one of the 18 entrances in the city wall in Xi’an, which served as the nation’s capital for 13 dynasties in history. The eight-meter-high entrance with three gates, one 5.5-meter-wide gate in the middle and two 5.3-meter-wide gates in the east and west, is the best preserved one, and was built at the beginning of the seventh century.

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