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Coastal castles could be moved, brick-by-brick, inland

Castles on Britain’s coast could be torn down, and rebuilt, brick-by-brick, further inland as part of plans to save coastal heritage from climate change.

Hundreds of monuments around the British coast are at risk of sea level rises and erosion and could be candidates for relocation. St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall which is currently reached by a causeway could become an inaccessible island, Westbury Court Garden in Gloucestershire could be flooded by the River Severn and Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumbria is under threat from erosion.

An English Heritage spokesman said: “Future sea-level rise as a result of climate change and associated coastal erosion and flooding will threaten many historic buildings, sites and landscapes. While it may be possible to protect some of these, others will need to be adapted to withstand changing conditions and, over time, others will be lost.”

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