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The Ice Age lasted 30 million years

Once previously thought to have lasted only a ‘blip’ geologically speaking, the Ice Age has now been shown to have lasted for 30 million years.

Their research suggests that during this ancient Ice Age, global warming was curbed through the burial of organic carbon that eventually lead to the formation of oil – including the ‘hot shales’ of north Africa and Arabia which constitute the world’s most productive oil source rock.

This ice age has been named ‘the Early Palaeozoic Icehouse’ by Dr Alex Page and his colleagues in a paper published as part of a collaborative Deep Time Climate project between the University of Leicester and British Geological Survey.

One thought on “The Ice Age lasted 30 million years

  1. My understanding is that the Pliestocene (ice age) lasted 1.8 million years within which around 10 inter glacials appeared.

    If the ice in the Northern Hemisphere lasted for 30 million years instead, how long was the Pliocene and the earlier Miocene?

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