Warwick Castle’s dungeon attraction make 15 people faint

Published on June 20th, 2009 | by Admin


Warwick Castle officials toning down their new dungeon tour after making 19 visitors ill.

In the first month since the dungeon opened, 15 people have fainted and another four have vomited, apparently due to fear.

Visitors to the medieval dungeon are greeted by fake blood and life-size models of victims on the rack. Guides demonstrate how prisoners used to have their tongues ripped out.

Sue Kemp, general manager of Warwick Castle, said: “Our first month has certainly proved that the castle dungeon isn’t for the fainthearted or those of a delicate constitution.”

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2 Responses to Warwick Castle’s dungeon attraction make 15 people faint

  1. Meg says:

    Terrorists are no less violent than in these torture chambers, will the American people have to come face to face with their tactics before we wake up to reality? Has the media desensitized us to the point that we can no longer tell truth from fiction? Or is it so horrible we refuse to face the truth of our enemies?

  2. Lars says:

    Meg – you are a babling idiot.

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