The 350-year-old picture of a dodo before it was extinct

Published on June 22nd, 2009 | by Admin


Coming up on the auction block at Christie’s is a previously undiscovered picture from the 17th century that shows a dodo before the bird became extinct.

The drawing, which dates from the late 1600s, offers a rare insight into the appearance of the flightless bird that was the first recorded casualty of human interference in the habitat of other creatures.

Dodos were the main predators on Mauritius until settlers introduced bigger animals to Indian Ocean island, including pigs. Many were shipped to Europe as curiosities or had their nesting areas destroyed and the species was extinct by 1700.

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One Response to The 350-year-old picture of a dodo before it was extinct

  1. This is a very interesting picture of a very interesting bird. You can see how it would be almost defenseless and thus easy prey. It also looks like there’d be lots of meat for predators as well.

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