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4-year-old finds prehistoric arrow point

A prehistoric arrowhead found by a 4-year-old in Denali, Alaska lends credence to the theory that hunters used the area it was found for thousands of years.

Archaeologists believe the 12-inch piece is a barbed arrow point made of caribou antler. It is significantly worn, but it still has characteristics that indicate it was man-made and what it was used for, park archaeologist Jeremy Karchut said.

“If you look at it closely, you can tell it’s been manipulated by humans,” he said.

The arrow point has at least 15 “barbs” that appear as small, worn bumps on one side, Karchut said.

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  1. “It is remarkable to the degree artifacts can be discovered in the remote regions of Alaska. It is really not that uncommon, what is uncommon is the lack of understanding of an area can best suit hunter gatherers thousands of years distant. I have some illustrations of Alaskan artifacts collected in such a way.”

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