Ancient drum previously only seen in murals unearthed in Korea

Published on June 23rd, 2009 | by Admin


A rare drum from the Goguryeo Kingdom has been found at an ancient fortress site in Yeoncheon-gun, Korea.

The drum bears Chinese characters, “sang-go,” which roughly translates into “drum” in Korean, adding to its historical value. The artifact is depicted in several ancient mural paintings, but it is the first time Korean researchers have discovered an actual drum.

The ancient earthenware drum was found in 13 pieces, one of which bears the Chinese characters referring to its function. If restored, the diameter would be about 55 centimeters, the museum said.

“A music encyclopedia published in the Joseon Dynasty describes a musical instrument of the same name, and its details are very similar to the one we have found,” said Shim Kwan-ju, director of the Land Museum.

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