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Ancient Egyptian mummy’s face recreated

The face of a long-dead Egyptian mummy has been brought back to life through the magic of forensic science.

Based on CT-scans of the skull of the ancient Egyptian mummy Meresamun, two artists independently reconstructed her appearance and arrived at similar images of the woman.

Meresamun, a temple singer in Thebes (ancient Luxor) at about 800 B.C., died of unknown causes at about age 30. Until recently, modern viewers of the University of Chicago-owned mummy have had to guess about the woman behind the mask.

3 thoughts on “Ancient Egyptian mummy’s face recreated

  1. Oh please… Its no surprise the ‘University of Chicago’ would come up with this African looking model of what the mummy might have looked like.

    The Ancient Egyptian people are the Copts. Not Arabs and not Sub-Saharan African. The Africans were used as slave labor, and the Arabs lived in small tribes in modern Saudi Arabia.

  2. docapoc,

    Ancient Egyptians were not Copts. Ancient Egyptians came many thousands of years before Copts.

    Egyptians are Nilotic Africans – similar to Somalians, Eritrians, Ethiopians, Sudanese. – same build – narrow shoulders, slim, and head shapes.

    “Sub-Sahara” – has no real meaning and is a modern political designation with no meaning in antiguity.

    Egypt, Sudan, Mali, Niger, etc all lie in the Sahara and have always been inhabited by people.

    Remember, the peopleing of Africa and the world
    started in the Rift Valley (Kenya) and people moved north. The orginis of the Egyptians lie in the South.
    Sudan/Nubia, Ethiopia, Eritria etc. – Thay are indigenous Africans.

  3. I saw her once when I was tripping off mushrooms. She was wearing gold items & dancing – so sexy. 🙂

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