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Hiroshima memorabilia to be auctioned

A collection of memorabilia from Hiroshima after the nuclear bomb strike is set to hit the auction block.

Now a roof tile from the Sairenji Temple, which was handed to a British tourist by the chief priest, is to go under the hammer along with other macabre items next month in Lincolnshire.

Other lots include a signed picture of a crippled man with an injured back caused by the huge explosion and a signed parchment from Sairenji Temple’s Rev. S. T. Katsaki.

The lot also features a tourist map and eight postcards showing the devastated city and the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri in Tokyo bay in September 1945.

One thought on “Hiroshima memorabilia to be auctioned

  1. Could you please give me some information on a round tile that was a gift to us. It is protested in a glass case and has The Atom Strick Tile Found On The Site of Sairenji Temple The Explosion Center Hiroshima, From REV.5.T Katsuki The priest of WEST LOTUS TEMPLE 1946. Any Information would be welcome. Soodie

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