10,500-year-old well found, with skeleton at the bottom

Published on June 25th, 2009 | by Admin


Archaeologists in Cyprus have found a 10,500-year-old water well with the skeleton of a young woman at the bottom of it.

Pavlos Flourentzos, the nation’s top antiquities official, said the 16-foot deep cylindrical shaft was found last month at a construction site in Kissonerga, a village near the Mediterranean island nation’s southwestern coast.

After the well dried up it apparently was used to dispose trash, and the items found in it included the poorly preserved skeleton of the young woman, animal bone fragments, worked flints, stone beads and pendants from the island’s early Neolithic period, Flourentzos said.

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One Response to 10,500-year-old well found, with skeleton at the bottom

  1. Anthony Holmes says:

    The age given for the well found in Pavlos Flourentzos of 10,500 years is intriguing. It predates Mediterranean and Sumerian civilizations by 1,000’s of years. The well appears carefully formed and rounded in rock, indicating a high level of skill. I would like to know what technique was used to date the well?

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