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7 Infamous Offices That Decided The Fate Of Millions

Ahoys has compiled a list of seven infamous offices that decided the fate of millions, including the cabinet war rooms in London to Pablo Escobar’s headquarters in Antioquia. Some of the choices seem a bit arbitrary though (I don’t believe John Gotti’s headquarters, the Ravenite Social Club, affected millions of people…dollars, maybe), but it is still an interesting read nevertheless.

The infamous offices in this list are all well known for the notoriously shady activities that occurred within them, that is except for one shining example, The Cabinet War Rooms. The remaining offices have a dark and sinister history having served as headquarters for some of the most brutal regimes and criminal empires the world has ever seen.

Several of the offices below are so steeped in history that they have been maintained as museums for future generations of tourists to enjoy. Others have simply been preserved as memorials to the monstrosities that have occurred and those that have suffered within their walls. The rest of the offices explored here have been knocked down, built over and lost to the passage of time.

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