Facedown burials used to humiliate the dead

Published on June 25th, 2009 | by Admin


New research suggests that the dead weren’t buried facedown by accident, but rather on purpose, to shame them.

Lead study author Caroline Arcini of Sweden’s National Heritage Board detected a common thread in the burials she studied: “That society sanctioned this apparently negative treatment of the dead,” she said.

The unnerving burials often appear to signify “behavior that is out of the norm—it is not accepted, what [the dead] have done,” Arcini said.

Shaming the dead “is most probably a deep-rooted behavior in humankind.”

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One Response to Facedown burials used to humiliate the dead

  1. Alan Whipple says:

    I have my doubts. What kind of ‘research’ would allow them to reach such a conclusion.

    And when did it start being called science when somebody just guesses about something? I’m guessing around 1998.

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