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Transporting the Dead Sea Scrolls

I live in Toronto, Canada and am very excited to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Here is an interesting article from the Toronto Star about how the scrolls are transported.

Only first-class seats are big enough to accommodate the scrolls’ steel travel cases, Siggers says, and there’s much less traffic in the high-priced seats, so less chance of passengers jostling them. And only direct flights are allowed to lessen the chances of a mishap.

The cargo hold is out of the question. The scrolls’ required environmental conditions are very strict, and they can never be out of eyesight of the three or more officials from the Israel Antiquities Authority who travel with them.

Like royalty, often required to travel separately to ensure the line of succession is not wiped out in one tragic event, the scrolls travel in small groups on separate flights.

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  1. People often do not realize what a pain it is to transport something like the dead sea scrolls. First of all they have to be protected when packed and in transit but just as big a headache is all of the government agency requirements for paper work at the origin and every destination. It really takes a specialist!

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