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Ancient Philippine boat recreated

A replica of an 1,700-year-old Philippine boat has been recreated and launched by a group of adventurers who are planning to sail it around Southeast Asia and possibly Africa.

The replica of the balangay — a wooden-hulled boat used in the archipelago about 1,700 years ago — was built in 44 days by native Badjao boat-builders from the southernmost Philippine province of Tawi Tawi using traditional skills handed down through the generations.

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  1. Dear Sevaan Franks. Thank you for adding me (NADGE1) on your Twitter. As a history lover and researcher, especially that of the Malay World (Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore) I appreciate what you do and hope we can help each other’s interests. Best regards. Nadge. /BTW, the Bajau mentioned in the boat story are a Malay co-ethnic group found both in Philippines and Malaysia.

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