Remains of a medieval knight found under castle

Published on June 30th, 2009 | by Sevaan Franks

Archaeologists at Stirling Castle in Scotland believe they may have found the bones of a knight killed during the early 1400s.

Archaeologists believe that bones found in an ancient chapel on the site are those of an English knight named Robert Morley who died in a tournament there in 1388.

Radio carbon dating has confirmed that the skeleton is from that period, and detailed analysis suggests that he was in his mid-20s, was heavily muscled and had suffered several serious wounds in earlier contests.

He appears to have survived for some time with a large arrowhead lodged in his chest, while the re-growth of bone around a dent in the front of his skull indicates that he had also recovered from a severe blow from an axe.

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7 Responses to Remains of a medieval knight found under castle

  1. Lukas Kubke says:

    It seems odd that he was supposedly “killed during the early 1400s,” but that Robert Morley was killed in 1388.

  2. Xaromir says:

    That’s all?
    I really wished for more an better information and maybe some pictures.

  3. Jonata says:

    I would be nice if we see his reconstitued face, maybe in medieval customers… Keep calm and imagine that. =)

  4. Bangalore Torpedoes says:

    He seems rather bony. Was he emaciated or dieting in some early Jenny Craig plan?

  5. Donnie says:

    They found the fossilized remains of two empty halves of coconut next to him.

  6. Joe S. says:

    1- Learn English.
    2- You’re excited at what he would look like? I’ll tell you. Most likely extremely ugly. Yeah, do some research.

  7. Sal B. says:

    Lol, good one Donnie!

    @ Lukas Kubke: The writer should have said 14th. century, not 1400s.

    I think this article is so awesome!

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