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20 fascinating ancient maps has posted an interesting list showcasing 20 fascinating ancient maps and why they are cool.Modern and Completely Correct Map of the Entire World Creator: Joan Blaeu Date: 1659 Why it’s cool: Modern at the time, yes. Completely correct, not so much. The map reveals the limitations of knowledge regarding the west coast

Will we ever run out of dinosaur bones?

Slate asks the question, "Will we ever run out of dinosaur bones?" Not for a long, long time. There are currently about 3,000 so-called "full" dinosaur specimens—complete or near-complete skeletons or just a complete or near-complete skull—in museums around the United States. Scientists estimate that there are at least triple this

Ancient re-interred remains found in Greece

A lavish burial site has been found in the ancient Macedonian capital of Aigai. The find in the ruins of Aigai came a few meters (yards) from last year's remarkable discovery of what could be the bones of Alexander the Great's murdered teenage son, according to one expert. Archaeologists are puzzled because

POW records from Colditz Castle go online

Records of the Prisoners of War who were interned at Colditz Castle have gone online, 70 years after the war began. The database - originally compiled by the Germans under terms of the Geneva convention requiring them to notify enemies about captured troops - helps bring to life tales told on