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Inscription on Jerusalem vessel is unprecedented

Last week it was announced that a 2,000 year old vessel was found in Jerusalem, with 10 lines of undecipherable Aramaic or Hebrew script found inscribed on it. More details on the inscription including the photo above have now been released.

“To have 10 lines of text is unprecedented,” he said in announcing the find Wednesday.

Although the script itself is not eroded or otherwise degraded, he said, researchers are not yet able to decipher it because the text is in an informal cursive script and is apparently deliberately cryptic. They know it contains the Hebrew word for God, YHWH or Yahweh, indicating it was probably important to the priests who used it in rituals. Gibson expected it to take two to six months to understand its meaning.

2 thoughts on “Inscription on Jerusalem vessel is unprecedented

  1. Dude, I hate to be a pest, but your headline (aside from being misspelled) makes it sound like the inscription reads “UNPRECENDENTED” [sic] …while the article makes it clear that the inscription is DESCRIBED as unprecedented. It’s the quotes. Feel free to delete this comment if this is purposely a journalistic device for generating a catchy headline. And keep up the interesting work.

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