Terracotta army may have belonged to empress, not emperor

Published on August 13th, 2009 | by Admin


China’s famous terracotta army, found in the tomb of the country’s first emperor, may have actually belonged to a female ancestor.

Chen presents his evidence in his new book “The Truth of Terracotta Warriors,” which details discrepancies such as the army’s distance from Qin’s tomb and the hairstyles and clothes of the warriors which he says indicate they belonged to the empress.

“The hairstyle, the ancient Chinese characters found on some unearthed warriors and other evidence indicate the owner of the warriors was Empress Xuan,” he told the paper.

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One Response to Terracotta army may have belonged to empress, not emperor

  1. Years ago when I first learned of this find, something made my heart pitter patter over this….just can’t explain it. I think this is a find of the century. We can never be so blindsided to ever think that there aren’t more of these to find on our wonderful earth. I will never be able to afford to see these or other wonders of the world but I am glad that we have others who can investigate and share these type of marvelous finds with us.

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