Ancient stone artwork discovered in Scotland

Published on August 18th, 2009 | by Admin


Prehistoric rock art has been discovered by an amateur archaeologist in Perthsire, Scotland.

Mr Currie discovered a piece of rock which has more than 90 cup marks, which are circular depressions in the stone.

Some of the cups have rings around them and a number of linear grooves can also be seen, with some still showing the individual blows of craftsmens’ tools.┬áSimilar discoveries have been made in the area, but it is unusual to find so many markings on the one stone.

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One Response to Ancient stone artwork discovered in Scotland

  1. MamaMacabre says:

    I’ll bet it’s a map of the stars…what better way to commemorate a specific time for future generations that to recreate the positions of the stars at that particular time? They may not have had a calendar system.

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