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16,000 year-old mother goddess figurine found in Turkey

Archaeologists excavating the Direkli Cave in Turkey have unearthed a 16,000-year-old goddess figurine.

Noting that it was the third cave excavation of Turkey, Erek said that the clay mother goddess figurine they found was 16,000 years old. Erek said that the figurine showed that the social status of women was very important 16,000 years ago.

He noted that the oldest fired clay god or goddess figurines – unearthed in Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Near East – were made in 5,000 BC.

3 thoughts on “16,000 year-old mother goddess figurine found in Turkey

  1. A “goddess” figurine need not automatically mean a high status for women. For example, ancient India had many female goddesses but the practical treatment of Indian women did not reflect a high status, even today after India has had women Prime Ministers.

  2. How do they know it was supposed to be a “goddess”? They don’t actually. It’s a common assumption but one that is without justification. It could have represented women in general, or some subclass of them such as mothers, or it could have represented a revered ancestor, etc. It also does not mean that women had a high status in society. All it means is that human creativity goes back a long time, all over the world. Any attempt to add extra interpretations on top of that is just speculation.

  3. Yes, you’re right. It could have represented a maid. Or perhaps a prostitute. Maybe a Walmart people greeter.

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