Mexican history textbook omits Spanish conquest

Published on August 25th, 2009 | by Admin


The government of Mexico has distributed a history textbook to primary schools which completely omits the Spanish conquest.

The new history textbook, published and distributed free by the education ministry, omits what historians agree was one of the most important eras in the country’s history – the arrival of the Spanish led by Hernan Cortes in 1519 that led ultimately to colonisation until Mexico gained independence in 1821.

Some opposition politicians have accused the conservative government of President Felipe Calderon of deliberately discouraging a critical analysis of the conquest.

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3 Responses to Mexican history textbook omits Spanish conquest

  1. Stephanie says:

    Could you please post or respond with the source of this information? Thanks.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    If you click on the photo or my description it will take you to the full article.

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