Medieval artifacts and remains found at Robert Gordon’s College in Scotland

Published on August 26th, 2009 | by Admin


Medieval  artifacts, including pottery, floor tiles and animal and human bones, has been found at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen during a building works project.

“About 40 feet from the street and on the west margin of the walk, was discovered an ancient grave, about six feet in length and four in breadth. It was rudely built, of large unhewn stones, cemented with lime, and contained the remains of three bodies, one of them, from the appearance of the skull, apparently very young.

It was about two feet below the present level of the ground. In all parts of the grounds human remains have been disinterred in immense numbers. From their appearance there is every reason to think they had been very carelessly buried. In one place, and within about two feet square, were dug up the remains of four bodies, which it was evident could never have been interred in the usual manner. “

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