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New Zealand shipwreck vandalized

The historic Onoke shipwreck, which ran aground in 1904 and it now protected under the Conservation Act, has been found vandalized.

“Several holes had been dug around the wreck, exposing the timbers, and it appeared that pieces of timber may have been removed,” DOC Wairarapa Area manager Chris Lester said.

“It looks as though someone started digging out of curiosity and decided to take a souvenir. The historic nature of the wreck is clearly marked on interpretive signage at the entrance to the spit. Even just exposing the timbers to air means they will start to deteriorate faster.

One thought on “New Zealand shipwreck vandalized

  1. It amazes me that people destroy things they don’t understand! On the other hand, are there markers to inform them of what they destroying?

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