Last survivor of Hitler’s bunker recounts the Fuhrer’s final moments

Published on September 3rd, 2009 | by Admin


Rochus Misch, one of Adolf Hitler’s former bodyguards, recalls what it was like to be inside Hitler’s bunker.

“Then Bormann ordered Hitler’s door to be opened. I saw Hitler slumped with his head on the table. Eva Braun was lying on the sofa, with her head towards him. Her knees were drawn tightly up to her chest. She was wearing a dark blue dress with white frills. I will never forget it.

“I watched as they wrapped Hitler up. His legs were sticking out as they carried him past me. Someone shouted to me: ‘Hurry upstairs, they’re burning the boss!’ I decided not to go because I had noticed that Mueller from the Gestapo was there – and he was never usually around. I said to my comrade Hentschel, the mechanic: ‘Maybe we will be killed for being the last witnesses.'”

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2 Responses to Last survivor of Hitler’s bunker recounts the Fuhrer’s final moments

  1. i dont think herr misch was an eye witness to hitler’s last moments.

    the fuhrer was never referred to as the “boss”. not and never by his close in officials.

  2. Dave says:

    The word “boss” was used by the translator for the word “Fuehrer”. I suppose the translator could have used Chief or even “Fuehrer” for that matter.

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