Blood-stained weapons show Mayan city fell during battle

Published on September 4th, 2009 | by Admin


DNA tests are being performed on hundreds of spear-tips and arrowheads found at the top of the El Tigre pyramid in the Mayan city of El Mirador; evidence of a bloody battle which ended the city.

Many of the excavated blades are made of obsidian which the archeologists have traced to a source hundreds of miles away in the Mexican highlands. They believe the spears belonged to warriors from Teotihuacan, an ancient civilization near Mexico City and an ally of Tikal, which was an enemy city of El Mirador.

“We’ve found over 200 of the obsidian tips alone, as well as flint ones, indicating there was a tremendous battle,” said excavation leader Richard Hansen, a senior scientist in Idaho State University’s anthropology department who is pushing the pyramid battle theory.

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