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Colossal statue of Apollo unearthed in Turkey

Parts of a giant statue of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, light, music and poetry, has been unearthed in Turkey.

Colossal statues were very popular in antiquity, as evidenced by the lost giant statues of the Colossus of Rhodes and the Colossus of Nero. Most of them vanished long ago — their material re-used in other building projects.

“This colossal statue of Apollo is really a unique finding. Such statues are extremely rare in Asia Minor. Only a dozen still survive,” team leader Francesco D’Andria, director of the Institute of Archaeological Heritage, Monuments and Sites at Italy’s National Research Council in Lecce, told Discovery News.

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  1. Apollo was an androgynous god and was frequently shown with breasts. There is a fantastically beautiful, and perfect, Roman statue of Apollo in the Vatican Museum that is very similar to this photo.

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