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Lost of city of Anarthpura found?

A 4-km long fortification found south-west of Taranga Hills, India, may be evidence of the lost city of Anarthpura.

“By the middle of the seventh century, Anarthpura was a forgotten name. This fact is also supported by the records of Huien Tsang who visited Anandapura (O-NAN-TO-PU-LO) in 641 AD. However, most of the scholars believed that the terms Anarthapura and Anandapura were used for Vadnagar. Therefore, in the light of the recent finding and the fort walls, the matter requires re-examination,” said senior archaeologist of the state archaeology department YS Rawat.

“It is possible that the unconventional shape of the fort could have been responsible for naming the whole region as Anartha. Archaeological findings also reveal that it could have been then the only landmark in the whole of the north Gujarat. Vadnagar then could have been an ancillary settlement of it,” said Rawat.

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