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The origin of the word ‘school’

For many students, today marks the first day of school. To mark the occassion, the Toronto Star found out the ancient Greek origin of the word.

Unlikely as it may seem to those returning to classes, the word “school” originally meant “leisure.”

The highly cultured ancient Greeks loved spending their leisure time (skhole) hanging out with Socrates and Plato discussing philosophy, so their word meaning “leisure” gradually came to apply to such discussions – and then to the place where they happened.

By the time the word got to English via Latin, it was written “scol.” The letter “h” was reintroduced in the Renaissance only because people wanted to show off that they knew the original Latin and Greek spelling.

3 thoughts on “The origin of the word ‘school’

  1. False spreading around now since 1700 BC. Ramayan , and Mahabharat were already exist around 5000 five thousands years ago The holistic Learning and Teaching Research was described with role of teacher and Students for better society in Himalayan kingdom s sustainable future. Adhi Guru Lord Shiv , Brahma , and Vishnu are Gurus and generations responsible for future. English people inspired this education system and they said it as GuruSkoolam later became to School.
    . The histories say..the word SCHOOL came in English through India later 1700 BC.

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