Civil War battlefield found at building site in Tennessee

Published on September 9th, 2009 | by Admin


Construction at the University of Tennessee has lead to the discovery of the first Confederate battle site identified in Knoxville.

Angst and other researchers found buttons, metal straps, bullets, rivets, Union belt buckles thought to have been scavenged and pieces of stoneware from South Carolina. Forty-two friction primers, the brass pieces that were used to create sparks to fire the cannons, were also uncovered — showing that there was indeed a battle there.

“This was the front line of the Confederate siege on Knoxville,” Elizabeth DeCorse, research assistant professor for the laboratory, said.

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One Response to Civil War battlefield found at building site in Tennessee

  1. Ken Martens says:

    A fascinating discovery and worth every effort to preserve! (I wish I was there with you.) Although, the objects you are finding are much more descriptive of a campsite and not a battlefield. “Stoneware,” should be a clue to your campsite as I doubt it was used as a weapon. A lack of projectiles precludes a battlefield site. Even so, preserve all that you have, I would enjoy a tour of your site someday soon!

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