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Giant stone hand axes found in Kalahari Desert

The dry basin of Lake Makgadikgadi in the Kalahari Desert is turning up some interesting Stone Age artifacts and shedding light on the possible migration routes and hunting practices of early humans..

Their research was prompted by the discovery of the first of what are believed to be the world’s largest stone tools on the bed of the lake. Although the first find was made in the 1990s, the discovery of four giant axes has not been scientifically reported until now. Four giant stone hand axes, measuring over 30 cm long and of uncertain age, were recovered from the lake basin.

Equally remarkable is that the dry lake floor where they were found is also littered with tens of thousands of other smaller stone-age tools and flakes, the researchers report.

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  1. Very interesting that the discovery of the 4 giant axe blades was covered up for so long. The scientists should be required to explain this.

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