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8 myths about the Freemasons

National Geographic has compiled a list of 8 myths surrounding the Freemasons.

Likewise, the all-seeing eye saw its way to the Great Seal—and the U.S. dollar bill—by way of artist Pierre Du Simitiere, a non-Mason.

The eye represents divine guidance of the U.S. ship of state, or as Secretary of the U.S. Congress Charles Thompson put it in 1782, it alludes “to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause.”

There was one known Mason on the committee to design the seal, Benjamin Franklin. His proposed design was eyeless, and rejected.

2 thoughts on “8 myths about the Freemasons

  1. Um, the all seeing eye wasn’t on the dollar until the Federal Reserve took over printing currency. That was after the Civil War so yeah, Benjamin Franklin had nothing to do with it. It actually represents the new pyramid of our society, where the poor are forcibly ignorant and the rich go to Ivy League colleges and get the best education on the planet (even in our country? yeah I know, but its true) Thus “From Many One”. Or as the rich would put it “On the backs of many One”.

  2. I read that the Masons,being craftsmen,builders, hid there wealth in gold and silver in a secret room under the White House when they built it so the British wouldn’t get it during the War of indapendance. Thus the eye on the dollar bill !

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