500-year-old cemetery found in path of new tram line in Scotland

Published on September 24th, 2009 | by Admin


Archaeologists in Edinburgh have stumbled across a 15th and 16th century cemetery that lies in the direct path of a new tram line.

Tram workers stumbled on what at first appeared to be a centuries-old murder mystery when they discovered the human bones during pipe-moving work in Leith.

It soon became clear that it was not one isolated burial. There were around 290 skeletons lying just outside the churchyard at South Leith Parish Church. Archaeologists believe they are part of a former graveyard, attached to an earlier church on the same site. They have lain undisturbed for more than 500 years, even when what is now Constitution Street was built over them in 1790.

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One Response to 500-year-old cemetery found in path of new tram line in Scotland

  1. Mama Macabre says:

    What a fabulous find…I hope they find some amulets that indicate how the Celtic religion was integrated with Christianity…I can’t remember off-hand when ‘witch bottles’ were popular, buried under the foundation of churches to protect someone.

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