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History textbook: Man landed on the moon in 1979

An official history textbook used by thousands of GCSE pupils in the UK states that man landed on the moon in 1979. It also mentions that John F. Kennedy was president in 1960.

“You have got to get these things right,” said Sean Lang, a senior lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridgeshire, and honorary secretary of the Historical Association. “The whole issue of exam boards putting out official exam text books that students then buy is highly suspect as it is, but if they are going to do it, you expect it to be right.

“Children take what they see in print as gospel. These books have enormous authority and the facts have to be right.”

One thought on “History textbook: Man landed on the moon in 1979

  1. I’ve heard that fact checkers are the last to go at a publishing house in an economic downturn, but with errors as big as who participated in what when I wonder if that’s true. 1969 to 1979 should’ve been caught, but if it only happened once it’s the sort of thing multiple fact checkers could’ve missed… we all know it’s 1969 so that’s what we see, no?

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