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Mystery deepens: Analysis of Hitler’s skull reveals it belongs to woman

DNA analysis of Hitler’s skull fragment, purported to be proof that the dictator committed suicide in his bunker, has revealed that it actually belongs to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40.

Scientists and historians had long thought it to be conclusive proof that Hitler shot himself in the head after taking a cyanide pill on 30 April 1945 rather than face the ignominy of capture.

The piece of skull – complete with bullet hole – had been taken from outside the Fuhrer’s bunker by the Russian Army and preserved by Soviet intelligence.

Now the story of Hitler’s death will have to rewritten as a mystery – and  conspiracy theorists are likely to latch on to the possibility that he may not  have died in the bunker at all.

7 thoughts on “Mystery deepens: Analysis of Hitler’s skull reveals it belongs to woman

  1. Gee…. why doesn’t this surprise me? He was too much of a coward to commit suicide. Very interesting …thank you

  2. Forensic scientists have enough of Hitler’s personal belongings, etc., to be able to get enough DNA to compare to this skull. His sex should really not make a difference as to his crimes against humanity, but what a surprise if his DNA was not male. Maybe female forensics should get involved before females are blamed for Hitler too (I mean besides the apple….).

  3. Who did they DNA test? Adolf Hitler was his adopted name. His real last name was Schikelgruber. The Hitler family line would not be blood relatives. Look it up…

  4. In the book “Adolf Hitler” by John Toland, the people who were in the bunker told Mr. Toland that Hitler had a bullet hole in his right temple. The skull in this report had a bullet hole in the back of the temple with bone pieces blown out, as if someone had put a gun it her mouth and comitted suicide. Although Stalin knew of Hitler’s death, he did not advise the Allies, laughing to himself as they went checking out possible Hitler hiding places for the next few years after the end of the war. Perhaps this substituted skull was just part of his charade. Hitler’s (misearble) teeth with its (awful) dentistry were very distinct. His lower jawbone is in the hands of the Russians to this day after they found it outside of the bunker. Believe me, he died by his own hand, he did not escape.

  5. I just read the Grey Wolf – The Scape of Adolf Hitler – The Case Presented – and its story is just one more seed to the mysterious disappearance of Hitler. After reading it I’m quite sure that he didn’t die and lived in great comfort in Argentina. The skull is just a confirmation of it all

  6. He did not kill himself but he ordered his pet SS man to shoot him and Eva. He made the decision because of the raw courage of one man.

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